Upon moving to California at age 4, my parents decided I needed an English name. In the dictionary, they came across “roc,” a gigantic bird of prey from Arabic mythology. They thought it was cool, so here I am.

Legally, I am still “Ziyue Su” or 苏子曰. 子曰 is an archaic way of quoting Confucius, and 苏 means “to revive.” It’s a lot of pressure to be named “to revive the teachings of Confucius.” I’m just trying my best, and you can just call me Roc instead.

After 13 years in the Bay Area, I studied at USC, where I ended up double-majoring in Economics and Cinematic Arts. I wasn’t always a film buff—most of my adolescent exposure to movies involved lightsaber duels or flying broomsticks.

But I always loved art. I carried a sketchbook to class, studied classical piano, played clarinet in Wind Ensemble, performed hip-hop choreography in school rallies, and I even found some acting success in drama-oriented Speech and Debate events. At USC, I found that cinema synthesized all of my artistic interests into a single medium. Thus began a new passion.

In 2017, I started my first full-time job as a management consultant at PwC. Economics got me a job that would pay the bills and then some, but we can fast-forward three years to the quarter-life crisis I always knew would come. Life is short, and I want to spend more time creating content I am invested in and passionate about.

This site is the result.