by Roc Su

Cinema matters.
From the Lumiere Brothers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, film has captured our hearts and imaginations for a century. 
It is a synthesis of various artforms—narrative prose, photography, musical composition, choreography, theater, and more—all into an immersive escape from reality. 
It is the fabric of dreams, the inspiration for progress, the birthplace of heroes, and the canvas for visionaries. 
It is both the reflection of our status quo and the disruptive force fighting to change it. 
Cinema is like matter.
It is everything at once—endless in scope and limitless in meaning. 
The smallest detail on a single frame; the grandest piece of universal truth. 
It is what we once were,
what we now are,
and what we may become.
It is a language so vivid that the only experience we compare it to is that of reality itself. 

With that in mind...

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